Are You Ready For SAP BusinessObjects 4.3?

Are You Ready For SAP BusinessObjects 4.3?

The latest version of SAP BusinessObjects is coming in 2020 (early access in late 2019) and you can prepare for it now by following a few guidelines, checking your supporting IT infrastructure is up to date and talking to DSCallards about your strategy. Here are some tips for what you can do to help smooth the path to all the benefits SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 will bring.

Tidy Up Your Current System

Over time an enterprise reporting system gets clogged up with old reports, obsolete data-sources, broken links, failed schedules and other detritus. None of this content needs to be kept and can slow your current system down, as well as make it harder to navigate for users. Even if you’re not upgrading, it would be beneficial to tidy up your environment.

DSCallards can help with advice on using the in-built administrative tools, installing auditing and CMS universes and reports, and setting up the BusinessObjects support tool on your server. These tools can enable you to see where problems may exist, which reports are not being accessed anymore, which users aren’t logging in, and where efficiencies can be gained.

Content can then be archived, systems resized or reshaped, and processes streamlined – leaving your SAP BusinessObjects system quicker and fitter for purpose, ready for the future.

Check What Version Your Infrastructure Is

If you are on an older version of SAP BusinessObjects – such as XI 3.1 or earlier – then your server may still be 32 bit architecture. In these cases then a full re-install on a new server and a migration of content will be required anyway.

But there are other components that may need refreshing as well: underlying databases may need to be upgraded to stay in support, desktop and server operating systems, browsers, add-ins such as Java and Flash.

Some of these technologies are being phased out (and not just by SAP but across the board) and some just need to be updated. To best understand what your requirements are and what options you will have in the future you can talk to DSCallards.

We can perform a health-check on your system and give you a documented set of recommendations and observations, specifically tailored to your needs.

Pre-upgrade To A Newer Version of SAP BusinessObjects

While we expect that upgrades to BI 4.3 will be simple in-place service packs for those customers already on BI 4.2, it may not be so easy for those on older 4.x systems. Anyone on 3.1 or older will need to re-install and migrate anyway.

If you are currently using BI 4.0 or 4.1 it is well worth upgrading to 4.2 now. There are many benefits and extra functions in the latest software, as well as better security. These older systems are not supported by SAP any longer so if you suffered a serious system problem there may not be an available fix.

Getting your system to the latest current software level will help you prepare for the 4.3 upgrade in the future and beat the rush when it comes.

Discuss Strategy With Us

We are experts and specialists in SAP BusinessObjects and have hundreds of customers with varying requirements, use cases, data-sources, user bases, system complexities, security set-ups and ways of working. In short we have seen it all when it comes to reporting strategies and MI needs.

We can help plot a course for your organisation with its business intelligence, and help you gain insights from your data. Whatever your dreams for how you want to visualise your growth, profit, output, income or revenue – we can help you realise them.

Though we specialise in SAP BObj, we also work with other BI technologies and have plenty of customers who integrate more than one tool in their strategy. Discussing the pros and cons of these tools with us can help you get the best out of your investment or manage moves from one to another.

Consider Cloud benefits and Strategy For Your Company

SAP BusinessObjects 4.3 will feature more interoperability with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) than ever before. The road map for both suites sees data sources and even report functionality being shared. Giving thought now to how your company wants to make use of the benefits of cloud technology will help prepare you for the future.

Predictive analytics, planning capabilities, automated report building, mapping, smart insights and more are available in SAC. When you match this with the industry leading tools for scheduling, visualisations, data modelling, and report design already in on-premise SAP BusinessObjects then you’ll have a winning combination.